1// Good color starts with healthy hair. Lightening the hair is the first step to achieving a pastel or vivid color. Be patient with your journey from dark hair to colored hair. After lightening, always be sure to request a restorative treatment for optimal color payoff and longevity!

​​2// Avoid shampoos with sulfates and styling products with alcohol. Sulfates and alcohol based products are two huge things that will fade any hair color. 

3// Shampoo as infrequently as possible. Opt for dry shampoo to keep your hair looking fresh for those non-shampoo days. 

​4// Avoid heat styling. If you must heat style always use a heat protectant & set your tools to lowest heat setting possible for your hair type. 

​5// Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Just like your skin, the sun isn't necessarily good for your hair color. Try wearing a hat if you'll be spending a long time in the sun. , or ask me about protective sunscreens for your hair.

6// Budget for success. Pastel and vivid colours require constant maintenance. You should anticipate coming in for a refresher every 4 weeks. 

. . . and as always . . . if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

Vivid and Pastel Colored Hair


How to Care for Coloured Hair


Lionhardt Hair

Pastel & Vivid Coloured Hair needs maintenance and constant care, make sure you are ready for this commitment!

by Joelle Leigh